swimming in Gérardmer

Swimming in Gérardmer in a Lake Vosgien like no other

Want to know if you can swim in Gérardmer and where? The various bathing spots of this lake are listed in this article, as well as other places near the pearl of the Vosges.

Is it possible to swim for free at Lake Gérardmer?

Yes, it is possible to find free swimming spots, but be careful it remains under your full responsibility in case of drowning or accident.

However, the shoreline of the lake is not accessible everywhere for free, as is the case of the beach of the nautical union (paidin July and August, free inJune). The beach of the Lido is reserved for the restaurant’s guests, it is at the end of the lake, towards Epinal.


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Then you will avoid swimming towards the varemme wharf and to the piers of boats and pedal boats.

We can suggest a nice little beach on the campsiteside, but the first arrivals are the first served. Indeed, it is a very popular area, shaded with a very small island accessible barefoot. Be careful, however, because swimming is not supervised, the slope is fast, you quickly have the bottom. It should also be noted that the beach can be visited by people who do not respect nature who will leave glass bottles, sometimes broken …


free gerardmer beach


To reach this paradise swimming area, take the trail of the lake tower at the parking lot located in Ramberchamp.

There are other places to swim on the right as on the left of the lake, but in the summer the squares are expensive, as there can be people.

And if you’re wondering if it’s possible to go scuba diving, the answer is yes, but only from the scuba diving club”The Merry Tadpoles” you’ll find in the same place as the kayak canoe club. For the historical side know that the bottom of the lake holds weapons and ammunition dating from the Second World War. That’s why you’ll understand that it’s best to dive with pros who know the place well.


Boating union beach: fine sand, sunbeds, slides and games

This is Gérardmer’s busiest beach and you can see why when you see everything it offers. Admission is paid, but it’s not expensive at all, any more than an entrance to the pool. You can see the nautical union from the balcony of your room at the Ptit Hotel du Lac and walk there in just 2 minutes.

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Here are some more information to remember:

  • Transat and parasol free (there is not for everyone, so better to come in the morning).
  • Large safe outdoor slide – a slide for the little ones.
  • Supervised beach with small bath and large bath.
  • 3 metre diving board (reception depth in the lake: 4.50m).
  • Free ping-pong tables.
  • Picnic allowed.
  • Possible food, drinks, ice cream, snack.
  • Games and entertainment (beach volleyball tournaments, chess, and other games for all).


Bathing places near Gérardmer

When you come to the Vosges it is also to enjoy nature, to dream of being alone to bathe in a mountain lake or as in the movies in a beautiful waterfall.

If this is what you are looking for then you will have to get up early for a quiet swim at Lake Gérardmer, as the summer period of course attracts a lot of people.

Otherwise, you can leave the beaches of the lake and head to corners a little removed from Gérardmer. Once again, tourism in the Hautes-Vosges attracts a lot of people, so for swimming in peace you will have to get up early!

Be aware that it is not only the lakes, you can also swim in a waterfall in Gérardmer or nearby, especially the jump of the bouchot which is only 15 minutes from the pearl of the Vosges.

You also have the lake of Xonrupt Longemer 5 kms from Gérardmer.



Further, towards La Bresse or ridges, you will find high-altitude lakes, where calm is more frequent, but these lakes are generally forbidden to swim, as unsupervised, or simply dangerous, because they are EDF reservoirs (white lake).

Finally, note that when it rains in Gérardmer, you have the pools covered. The aquatic centre of Gérardmer (currentlyclosed forwork) will allow you to swim and relax, with the info a heated pool that will look outwards. What to start from your skiing stay in the Vosges with stars in your eyes. Indeed, Gérardmer’s swimming pool is facing the lake, so we let you imagine the spectacle.


The pools closest to Gérardmer:

  • La Bresse municipal swimming pool: 20 minutes.
  • Aquanova water park in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges 30 minutes.
  • Remiremont Pool 30 minutes, Epinal 40 minutes.


Water temperatures in Lake Gérardmer

The water temperature may pleasantly surprise you, but don’t expect 30-degree swims either. We are still on an altitude lake, an ancient glacier.

The figures below represent averages in recent years:

June: 19 degrees

July: 22 degrees

August: $22

September: 18th

The lake can show a temperature in excess of 25 degrees between mid-July and mid-August, which remains the best time to swim in Gérardmer.


where to swim in Gérardmer?


If you are looking to spend your summer holidays in the Vosges and swimming in Gérardmer is your priority, call us! Our hotel is 50 metres from the lake, the boating union, pedal boats, and many summer water activities.