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5 waterfalls in the Vosges in Gérardmer and its surroundings

The waterfalls of the Vosges attract in all seasons, but it is obviously in summer that they are the busiest. You stay in Gérardmer or the surroundings, then discover 5 waterfalls as beautiful as each other.

Le saut des cuves

This is probably the most accessible waterfall of Gérardmer, it is at the entrance of the city when one comes from Colmar or Saint-Dié-des-Vosges. The Saut des Cuves has free parking, you just have to cross the road and you are in 2 minutes walk.

It is a very uneven waterfall on several levels, it is advisable to pay attention to children because some places are dangerous because of the absence of railing.



At this place you can also discover a small bridge on which you can take a picture to capture your memories of holidays in Gerardmer. Not far from the vaults are the Marie-Louise Islands and the Gorges des Roitelets and the fairy bridge crossing La Vologne. You have something to see beautiful things 100% natural!


pont des fées Gérardmer


Le saut de la Bourrique

A cascade of ten meters you will find in the shelter of the tourist crowd in a forest on the side of Ramberchamp. To go to the jump of the jade, leave from the lake of Gérardmer at the level of the camp-sites, then follow the direction of the neck of Sapois. There is no big sign to indicate where is this waterfall Vosges, so have the eye! If you have time, head to the Phény to see the waterfall of the merelle and especially his tower, we will talk about it in a future article.



La cascade de la Pissoire

Direction the Haut du Tôt a small village close to Gerardmer. Funny name for this waterfall, but worth the trip. You can start your walk from the center of the village and you will follow the red ring indicated on the hiking signs. Put good walking shoes, enough to eat and drink, the cascade of the Pissoire is in a very quiet place with little passage, you will enjoy.


cascade de la pissoire
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Cascades de Tendon (petite et grande)

We leave the pearl of the Vosges, we take the direction of Epinal and we can not miss these waterfalls, it is very well indicated. We advise you to make the circular path, so you can see the great waterfall Tendon and the small while walking in the woods, cool.

Note that these waterfalls can be completely frozen in winter, and it is not uncommon to see mountaineers mounted the ice fall from a height of 32 meters, the largest cascade of the Vosges.

La petite cascade de Tendon is very nice, it has a second level that can serve as a bath, careful to be careful, an accident is so quickly arrived.


cascades de tendon
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Le saut du Bouchot

This is our favorite, if you book a room in our hotel in Gerardmer it is certain that you will want to visit this waterfall, because everyone speaks! It is very impressive, the winter flow is very powerful, do not approach too far from the top, a landslide is possible.

By cons in summer, treat yourself, during the hot weather you will wet the neck, and then you will gently enter the fresh waters of this magnificent waterfall Vosges.

Good to know: At the bottom of the waterfall, you can pass behind the fall, there is a slight recess that allows to be almost dry.

Attention, when you go under the fall, it whips the back, massage with strong power assured 🙂



saut du bouchot


As you can see in the picture at the front of this article, the Bouchot jump is composed of 3 levels. It is at the top that you will find the paradise place, you can swim there, the water is cold, but it’s nice the summer when it is 30 degrees and more.

Where is le saut du Bouchot ? From Gerardmer you will take the direction of La Bresse, cross the village of Rochesson, the waterfall is in the forest before Vagney.