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The feast of daffodils in Gérardmer

The feast of daffodils in Gerardmer in the Vosges is the major event of spring. Floral corso, parade of floats, animations of all kinds attract thousands of people to each edition, and this since 1935!

A unique floral corso in the Vosges

If you have to go out once in the month of April it will be to go to the feast of daffodils Gérardmer. This big celebration dedicated to the spring is wonderful, you will take full view with the imposing tanks, like the smallest creations of the volunteers.

The daffodil Gerardmer, the most beautiful!

Do you know that daffodils used to decorate tanks are wild? It is a narcissus that grows in Gerardmer and its surroundings.

These flowers are picked by many small hands, namely, Gérardmer school children and adult volunteers.

The picking is allowed, but the sale of the year of the daffodils festival is forbidden in Gerardmer. It can be found in March in the valley (Rochesson, Vagney, Xonrupt, Liezey Le Tholy …) and until late April or early May on the Vosges ridges.


Date daffodil party and practical info

When is the Daffodil Festival?

It’s in April, usually before the 15th of the month. The party takes place on weekends, the flowered corso on Sunday afternoon.

Where to reserve places for the daffodil party?

The reservation and the choice of the places is made directly with the society of the festivals of Gérardmer.

Where to park with a motorhome?

To park easily you have every interest to come in advance. Many car parks are available for passenger vehicles and motorhomes. For the latter the parking of La Mauselaine (ski resort) is recommended.

Can we participate in the quilting?

Yes, everyone can help with the organization of the daffodil festival and especially the quilting on Saturday all day and even until the end of the night.

What is the fare for daffodils?

Rates may vary depending on the location you choose. It is possible to reserve seats in front of the town hall for example, a shady place very popular. All information on this subject is to be seen on the site of the society of the festivals of Gerardmer or by telephone on 03 29 63 12 89.